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  • Today marked the first public appearance of Janet Yellen as the Fed chair and on the surface, it looks like more of the same.  Bernanke has passed the keys to the printing press to the new Fed Chair, not Fed Chairwoman as she made explicitly clear.   Generally, the markets took her comments to mean […]

  • The markets had their best day in a long time today with SPY climbing back above its 100 day MA.  This supports our near term bull case and expect the strength to continue to $180 on the SPY.  Swing trade this move higher and look for an exit around $180. After that level we expect […]

  • In today’s video we take a look at how the SPY traded today and where we expect it to go the rest of this week.  Be sure to subscribe to the site on the right hand side to get all our latest posts and trade alerts!

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We are traveling this week, and are unfortunately unable to record a Setup Sunday Video.  If you review the chart below, you can see that for SPY, we are still maintaining the channel support we continue to reference, and are still bullish on SPY.  As long as we hold the channel, and stay do not oversell based on Ukraine and China, SPY has setup for a bullish swing trade this […]

This week we review our long term gold position as well as check in on our Intel trade.  Has gold finally made a technical resurgence?  Is Intel still a stock we are bullish about and excited to own the underlying?  Find out all this and more in this weeks Setup Sunday!   Jason Dague Senior Portfolio Manager Credit Spread Slayer  

On Friday February 21st, our short $25 Intel puts expired in the money and we were assigned 500 shares of Intel as expected.  Since the whole point of this trade was to get paid to wait on buying intel shares lower than they were at the time of the original trade, we were successful! Now begins the second phase of our Income Generation strategy where we will be selling covered […]

In today’s episode we cover the Russian easing, Intel’s current trading pattern, and TMV’s dead cat bounce.

We break down the trading for the 3/03/2014.  It is the largest down day in 2014, but should you be catching the falling knife?

This week’s Setup Sunday is a day late, but certainly not a buck short.  Based on a followers question about the current technical position of TMV, we dissect the chart and project where this 3X ETF is headed. Jason Dague Senior Portfolio Manager Credit Spread Slayer  

We break down today’s trading and see what was really moving the markets.  We also provide an update on our current Intel Put Spread.

Our Intel Put spread expires tomorrow and currently the short strike of $25 is sitting in the money.  As discussed previously, some of our clients are electing to be assigned in order to receive the underlying shares, and some are electing to close the position today for a profit and to reload for next month. For our Credit Spread Slayer accounts we are going to be taking 1/2 of the […]